Useful things for entrepreneurs – coses útils per emprenedors

I have decided to create a list of interesting things I always refer entrepreneurs to. The idea is to update this list continuously:
He decidit crear una llista de coses interessants a les que sempre faig referència quan parlo amb emprenedors. La idea és actualitzar aquesta llista continuament:

One of my favourites resources, Steve Blank’s tools for entrepreneurs

YCombinator & Stanford teach you How to start a startup

Some of my favourite books and some “must-read”:

Talent is overrated, Geoff Colvin (Amazon)

Abundance, Peter Diamandis (Amazon)

The Tipping Point, Malclom Gladwell (Amazon)

The 22 immutable laws of marketing, Al Ries (Amazon)

The fall of advertising and the rise of PR, Al Ries (Amazon)

Crossing the chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore (Amazon)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Peter Drucker (Amazon)

El libro rojo de las marcas, lluís Bassat (Amazon)

On brand, Wally Ollins (Amazon)

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell (Amazon)

A rulebook for arguments, Anthony Weston (Amazon)

Some books I really like about Apple:

Inside Apple, Adam Lashinsky (Amazon)

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (Amazon)

Talks I love and inspire me

Abundance is our future, Peter Diamandis (

How great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek (

How schools kill creativity, Ken Robinson (

My own version of motivational video:

I want to be a Dreamer – IMAGINE Creativity Center 2012 from Jordi Valls on Vimeo.

Last update: March 10th

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