There’s nothing stoping you

There has never been a better moment in history to be whatever you want to be, to become anything you want to become, and most importantly, to learn anything you need to learn be or become it.

Affordable flights to anywhere in the world, access to all kinds of information and knowledge (online courses from the best universities and teachers of the world, unlimited enciclopedia…), nearly free communication to reach anyone and cheaper and cheaper access to productivity tools (PC’s, smartphones…). So, what’s stopping you?


You are stopping yourself. Your fears, your ignorance, your excuses, your lack of motivation, your lack of discipline…

What you might think is stopping you, but it’s NOT: Your friends and family, your educational titles, the world crisis, your president, your economy, your resumé, your iPhone4 or your 5 year old PC, your physical appearance, your brain…

My 3 part proposal:

1. Find the MOTIVATION: Whether by motivational videos, music, philosophy, health or fear to death, etc.

2. LEARN anything/everything: Go to Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, TED, or PLEASE, buy books!!!etc.

3. EXECUTE: Build something coding, writing, working remotely, designing, or anything else you dream of building…

I believe so firmly on this that if you try all this links and nothing seems to work with you I offer myself to talk. I can’t assure you I’ll change you but I’ll be happy to try. Tweet me at @vallsjordi

One important thing, no change will happen overnight, but any effort in more or less the right direction will bear fruit. I think this is a pretty good direction. Best wishes.