The digitation of Fashion

Many of my friends know I had this crazy idea in 2007 to digitize your own wardrobe to be able to manage your clothes the same way you manage your music on iTunes. Be able to know what you wear the most, what you have worn every day and at concrete events, save different outfits and plan when you are going to wear them or know your friend’s opinion on your wardrobe, amongst many other options.

I actually tried to bring the project (named BESTuario) into reality for many months but I guess I wasn’t very experienced enough and I didn’t really had a clue about how to bring a project into reality. I’m not sure if I know it yet, but I know many more things, that’s for sure. I actually learned a lot about executing, looking for the rights people and a lot about how people express their opinion.

Time went on and I begun loosing faith and energy on the idea. I didn’t had the resources, the people, the knowledge or the experience, but I have spent all this time knowing it was a GREAT IDEA. but it didn’t happened, well, at least I didn’t make it happen.

All this time though, I have been always interested in Fashion and always aware of what technology can improve in this industry. I tried most of the iPhone apps (most came in 2009) that allow you to manage your wardrobe or similar things (Cool Guy, Stylish girl, Outfit Dary, ArgWrb, iWardrobe, Pocket closet, Stylebook, Touchcloset, iWore, Closet, Dressapp, and a long etcetera) or websites like “closet bank” or “Polyvore”. O r other ideas like “Go try it on” or “Snapette”.

Many of the things I have seen seemed interesting but I couldn’t imagine any of them going mainstream or solving the big problem. Most of them lacked the usability and design for a non-techie fashionista. In my opinion, they lacked the Apple way to do things. And maybe even more important, they lacked the excitement of managing your wardrobe, the playfulness, and it wasn’t easy enough to create your wardrobe. But this has changed in the last 3-4 weeks. I have come across two websites that, in my opinion have a good formula to become a mainstream tool, even they have too improve a lot of things, I think they are on the right path. I am going to analyse why I think this. Excuse me if some of my information isn’t up to date enough, I am not involved in any fashion project right know so maybe some things have changed.

Styitics (New York, USA)
This is the first tool to allow you to manage your wardrobe the way I imagined it. I though a lot about what options were the necessary and which one were good but not good enough to be there and distract the users from the most important. I think this website has the most important but they should focus on eliminating the not so important ones. It’s not easy, but it will allow user to enjoy the most important ones more.

One great thing with this website that I thought about in my project was to become the Google for clothes.  They have created this tool that allows you to search for your clothes without you having to upload them.

They are still in beta so I guess it is normal they don’t have many brands but I like they way users can create their own profile and show their style.

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Fantasy Shopper (Exeter, UK)
I just discovered this one I realized what a good idea they had to get people excited about closet management. Imagine the closet you could have if you could buy anything! That is an amazing idea because once you start creating your dream closet you start questioning why your actual closet is so different.

I have to say that I love the execution: gamification at its best. You have your own money and collect a payCheck every certain hours, this way, you don’t go crazy on buying. It would loose the realistic part.

I love the destinations to buy, the badges, the statement and the outfit creator makes you feel like you actually own that clothes. In some way it’s what “polyvore” could be if they wanted to, they just needed this gamification aspect.

The only thing I’m not sure about is why it isn’t as easy to see “Followers” and following” instead of the “people” tag somewhere. I am also really curious to see how they end up integrating the “real shopping” experience in a more noticeable way to allow them become really profitable.

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I’m excited to see who finds a the right solution and becomes the facebook/Appstore of Fashion


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