Steve, you changed my life for good

I’m a guy from a city near Barcelona called Sabadell, in Catalonia, Spain. Being born here I should probably be interested in football, or tennis, or something else the majority of the people around me are interested in. But one day I discovered a company that changed my life. This company made, and still makes, the most amazing, delicious to use and beautifully designed products and services I have ever seen. So, once I realised how amazing it was it changed the way I looked at things forever. (it wasn’t a love at first sight, I have to admit, but with time has gotten stronger than any other think in my life)

From that moment on, most of the other products and things around me started to seem a little overthought, a little overdesigned as if they never heard the words from Mies Van Der Rohe “Less is more”. They also seemed too technological, cold in a way that they weren’t made for normal people, they were made for technical skilled individuals. But this company, they made beautiful things no other technology company could have come up with. They made things in a way nobody who had used a normal computer would think it was technical. All of a sudden, the simple button to allow me to see everything I was working on, called “Exposé”, seemed like magic. And with like many other thinks, I kept asking myself, how is it nobody came up with something like this before? 

Years later I would understand how Apple has become what it is today. I came to understand what the secret was. This company was guided by Steve Jobs, and he understood what many of the mortals will never understand: how to really THINK DIFFERENT.

I have spend hundreds of hours in the last years talking about this company, but also talking about the visionary behind it, telling people my theories about how many lessons we all can learn, personally and professionally, from Apple and its founder. How to focus on what really matters, how to make beautiful products and market them like they deserve, how entrepreneurs and CEOs should focus on doing something people will love rather than something the market will buy, how to create an experience, how to Design, how to respect your customers treating them properly, how to create something that allow people to get excited and imaginative, how to…

Steve Jobs still hasn’t got the recognition he deserves, but he will. I’m sure history will put him where he deserves to be, among the geniuses of human history.

After his death, I can just hope I will still find inspiration in the products his company creates thanks to his legacy, and hopefully some other amazing individuals will inspire me too. But being sadly sincere, I don’t think nobody will inspire me more than he has done. A unique individual like him will be missed and our society must promote the work he’s done to inspire other people create something amazing.

Steve, You once said “Your time is limited”, and I had it printed on my bedroom wall so I could read it every morning. I just can hope someday, when my time reaches the limit, I can look back and think I followed my heart and intuition and made some of my dreams come true. Thanks for everything, you’ll be missed.

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