Jogging at Stanford

One of the things I’m going to miss the most during my “temporary visit home” before coming back to Silicon Valley ;-) is my regular joggings at Stanford. I don’t know exactly if it’s just because the place is so beautiful or also because I keep thinking how many smart and interesting people has walked around the paths of the campus. Even Steve Jobs walked this paths, at least to his way to the Stanford Stadium… :-)
This is the progress I’ve been doing during august. It feels so good to see I’m getting used to it. Running allows me to think about some things I don’t have time to think about during the day. 
Here, I post some pictures I have taken during some of my joggings. But I can assure you this isn’t all, there are many other beautiful hidden places I still haven seen. At the end, you can find a little place that my friend Elies showed me. I go there during the jogging to think about being excellent in whatever I do…

Whoever I am or whatever I am doing some kind of excellence is within my reach.


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