IMAGINE Creativity Center in Silicon Valley

This has been one of the most amazing months of my life. No doubt about it

It all started with shy handshakings and controlled excitement but with a warm up weekend in Cadaqués like the one we had, it was clear IMAGINE was not only going to be more than we expected, we began to realise, it was going to change our lifes…

Take a look at the trailer the staff made from the warm up weekend…

And here the complete video


A week after the weekend in Cadaqués, we took a flight to San Francisco and we have been there for a month. I can’t write everything we have done this month in a post, but let me share some of the learnings and memorable moments I have lived here…

We have been listening to so many interesting and eye opening talks that I don’t even think we have already absorbed them. I think it’s going to happen in the coming months.
We learned about design thinking at IDEO and the D-School. We actually had the honor and pleasure to have a session with Alex Castellarnau at IDEO.

We also had the pleasure to visit Eventbrite and have a conversation with Julia Hartz, Co-founder and President. She talked about being one of the first startups to be in San Francisco now that many are moving to the city instead of Palo Alto. She told us about her experience and the fact that they have been working on Eventbrite for 6 years and have a  very respectable revenue stream. Most of it, I think it was great to be able to understand how they have created a tool for people to organize events and how this involves having a great relationship with lots of people.

We learned from one of our mentors, Elianne, the experience of building your own “house car” using design thinking. It was a great talk.

We learned how to keep working and iterating on our ideas. Inspiration comes when you are working…

We had a talk from Neil Harbisson (Watch his talk at TED), a guy who can’t see colors and had installed in his head a camera that makes sounds for every color. Now, he listens to colors.

We had an amazing opportunity to use the CISCO telepresence system and it was really amazing, more than I expected. It’s more than a Skype on huge screens. It nearly felt as if the people in Barcelona and Madrid where behind a glass.

We learned to listen, although I guess you can always get even better at that…
We learned about team work, a lot…
We learned about history of the Valley
We learned how to express our ideas better
We learned many more things. And I don’t have time or space here to write them all, but it has been an amazing experience that I will always remember. Thanks to a TED talk we learned this:

As all my friends know, I’m a Steve Jobs fan, and by default, an Apple fan. So it was great to be able to “visit” such iconic spots as the garage where Apple started, the company headquarters in Cupertino, and we drove by what used to be Steve Jobs’ house.
I still think often about Steve Jobs and many of the things I learned from him. I hope everything goes great at Apple and history pays the right tribute to his figure.


I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend this month with such an amount of amazing people. I have learned so much from them.

I want to THANK SO MUCH the staff at Imagine for being so generous and sharing so much experience and knowledge: Phillippe, Elianne, Josep Lluis, Victor , Hugo (And Ideami!!!) and specially to Rosa and Xavi! Thank you so much!!! I will never be thankful enough!

Thanks Ideami for the amazing videos…


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