I’m a dreamer

Last year, when I visited Silicon Valley as a YUZZ, I had the opportunity to see what was going on inside the IMAGINE Creativity Center, and what I saw, got stuck in my mind until today (And will be there forever).

From that moment on, I decided that, for this next edition, I would do everything I could to show everyone I’m really a dreamer. and so, I started to work. And what could I do better than a video message after spending so much time thinking and praising communication benefits? Now, you’ll see the result.

You can also visit the Tumblr I have created and where I kept uploading pictures of the evolution of this dream. Last year was probably the best summer of my life, If I get selected for IMAGINE this year, I’m sure it will be even better! I really believe in what the IMAGINE CC talks about. A dreamer can change the world. Let’s do it!

This video wouldn’t have been possible without Marta Naval√≥n (www.martanavalon.com)


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