idea VS. execution

I love ideas. Ideas are precious. Ideas can change the world because they can change the minds of people without even touching them or taking too much time. Ideas are the spark that lights the fire of entrepreneurship. Ideas can be simple and complex at the same time. Ideas move society forward.

BUT, and it’s a big but, ideas alone are nothing. Moreover, ideas can be easily confused by the most valuable asset and the only one that we need in order to be succesful with our venture. IDEAS NEED EXECUTION. Even more, sometimes execution doesn’t even needs ideas. Sadly, there is a way larger amount of people in this world that has ideas and do nothing with them than people that executes this ideas in a smart and sophisticated way and ends up bringing real change in this world.

Execution deserves the same passion ideas trigger in people’s hearts. Execution is the exciting complex combination of actions anyone has to do to achieve anything. The right execution is the consequence of smart actions, deep learning from big failures and extremely driven and optimistic attitude.

Let’s all become evangelist of the “best execution” Church (I know, it sounds weird…). Let’s all value the entrepreneurs we see not only because they have good ideas, but because the fight hard to execute them the smartest way. Let’s stop this crappy comments about companies or entrepreneurs oversimplifying what they are doing because we can’t find a simple analogy for what they are doing.

Let me give you and idea: An online social network that connects people. Let’s think about how important would be to execute this the right way. Think about the tens or hundreds of online networks before Facebook… Yeah, it was a good idea…

Let me give you another idea: A device that can hold digital music in mp3 format. Think about the amazing difference the user experience made for the iPod. or the iPhone, or the iPad. Remember there were others before them… with not so good execution…

Let me give you yet another IDEA: A car that can drive itself… Should somebody who has the idea but does nothing to make it a reality get a reward? Or should the inventor who gave shape to that idea and put the different pieces together get the recognition? Think about it, deeply…

Let’s build a society were we value most of all the people who fight for sophisticated executions, the people who tries to do think DIFFERENT; the people who knows that ideas are important, but working on a extremeley creative and innovative execution is what really moves the world forward; the people who believes that details to perfection can make all the difference. Let’s create a world where nobody says the word idea without saying the word execution in the same sentence.

I’ll always be interested in doing the things we do in an improved way, even if many people still things the important part was the Eureka moment. Don’t let that people stop you from building something.