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In this section you can find projects I’m proud to have been involved with in one way or another. It’s not exactly work experience but it’s definetely valuable experience for work (and life).

Fàbrica Futur Barcelona

“Fàbrica Futur Barcelona” aims to rethink the Future of ten key areas and their connection to Barcelona and the world. Communication, art, food, architecture, cinema, urbanism, education, work, community, tourism and human relations.
The area I was selected to work on is one I feel very comfortable working on, human relations. After meeting with experts on the area and going through a process designed by the organization of the programme I designed an app to manage your relationships. The idea is that technology is not against human relations, it can be a very powerful tool to improve them.

Check out this two videos, the one that explains the app and the on they used to introduce me.


IMAGINE Creativity Center
San Francisco, Silicon Valley

IMAGINE is a very unique Creativity Programme. Created by the entrepreneur Xavier Verdaguer and directed by Rosa Monge its goal is to change the world and the lives of the people of join the programme. Check out the website to decide for yourself if it does the first one. Having gone throught the programme I can assure you it does the later. 
I was lucky enough to go through the second edition of the programme. It was in San Francisco and we had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people and visit the insides of awesome companies.

I hope the follwing two videos help you in getting what it means to become a “dreamer” at IMAGINE. The first one is the one I used to apply to the programme. The second one is a summary of the whole month.


My graduation speech
Universitat Ramon Llull, Blanquerna comunicació

I wouldn’t define myself as having been academically excellent in life. But I have no doubt I took all the value I could from my experience in school and university. From being intern at the visuals and equipment department, where I learned a lot about film making and production, to building good relationships with tens (if not hundreds) of interesting people whom I’m still in touch with, some of them I can even call them good friends.
I usually say I made many friends in class, but I made even more outside my class peers. Working at the university and being as extrovert as I am allowed me to build productive relationships and live an enriching experience during those days. When graduation day came, I felt I really needed to express how important that moment was. It was amazing to talk in such an historical and beautiful place like “El Palau de la Música Catalana”. Oh, and by the way, the iPad had just been launched a week ago, so probably nobody in the audience had seen one before live.


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