I prefer to consider myself more as a Communication type than a Social Media “specialist”

Social Media i great, but it is limited, communication is a wider idea.
Communication possibilities for companies are endless, Social Media has its limits, mostly defined by technology and its people adoption. With Communication you don’t really think in terms of public adoption.

Social Media its always related to ‘media’ by definition. Communication could involve any kind of interaction between the one who sends a message (a company, an influencer…) and the one who recieves it (a kid liking the colors of a packaging, somebody trying a product out…)
Social Media is not a Fad, but it will eventually become a little irrelevant as it becomes more common. Communication will always be around and is the father and mother of every interaction between companies and consumers.

I like Social Media but, for me, it’s only a branch of communication, let’s not forget the rest of the tree.

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