I have watched a hundred movies this year! 2011

Last year I decided I wanted to watch many movies and, if possible, great movies! I’ve been writing them down every time I’ve watched a new one and this is the result:  A 100 movies and some of them amazing! Check Out the list, I hope you like it! :)

I’ll add a comment on some of them, if there’s no comment, it’s because they don’t deserve it… ;)

1sleeve for the cinema lovers ;)
January (7)
Role models
The 40 year-old virgin
life or something like it 22-01-2011
Step Up 3D 29-1-2011
The Proposal 30-1-2011
Salt 30-1-2011
February (11)
Intolerable Cruelty 6-2-2011
Fierce people 7-2-2011
The A-Team (not the first time) 11-2-2011: Better than it seems…
Shutter Island 12-2-2011
Love & Other Drugs 19-2-2011: Quite Good
Star Wars Ep. I 26-2-2011
Star Wars Ep. II 26-2-2011
Star Wars Ep. III 26-2-2011
Star Wars Ep. IV (re-realesed version) 26-2-2011
Star Wars Ep. V  (re-realesed version) 27-2-2011
Star Wars Ep. VI (re-realesed version) 27-2-2011 This a great set of movies. No wonder they made history…
March (9)
The Heartbreak Kid 11-3-2011
Time traveller’s wife 11-3-2011: Weird but nice
Hitch (seen before) 12-3-2011: Always great… :)
Good luck Chuck 12-3-2011
The Fantastic Four, the silver surfer (second movie) 18-3-2011
The expendables 19-3-2011
American Psico (not the first time) 19-3-2011: I love some escenes. In my opinion, a must.
Grosse Pointe Blank (not the first time) 25-3-2011: I like it…
Sleepless in Steattle (not the first time) 27-3-2011
April (3)
Life as we know it 8-4-2011
Hereafter 10-4-2011
Timeline 10-4-2011
May (5)
The adjustment bureau 7-5-2011: I liked it a lot.
No strings attached 7-5-2011
Guess who’s comming for dinner 22-5-2011: It happens in a lovely city… ;)
Quiero ser cómo Beckham 22-5-2011
Robin Hood (2010) 30-5-2011
June (13)
Limitless 2-6-2011: It was fun and I loved the idea.
Gulliver’s travels 3-6-2011
RED 4-6-2011
The social network (second time) 4-6-2011: I will watch it again…
Flashback (not the first time)
Source Code (18-6-2011)
The incredible Hulk 2 (18-6-2011)
Little Children, 2001 (18-6-2011)
Zapped! (23-6-2011): I had seen it when I was a kid and I  liked it…
Take the money and run (25-6-2011)
Arthur (25-6-2011): Silly but funny…
Dummy (26-6-2011)
Easy A (26-6-2011)
July (3)
Dinner of Schmucks
Hangover II
Stranger than fiction
August (20)
Slackers uprising 4-8-2011
Big Daddy 5-8-2011
8mm 7-8-2011
Meet John Doe (1941) 7-8-2011
Bridesmaids 11-8-2011
No small affair 16-8-2011
Green lantern 17-8-2011
Take me home tonight 18-8-2011: I liked it a lot!
Rise of the planet of the apes (2011) 19-8-2011
Inception 19-8-2011 (third time): AMAZING, probably, the best movie I’ve seen this year…
Miss march 21-8-2011
Back to the future (I) (seen a thousand times!) 23-8-2011
Blade Runner (not the first time) 25-8-2011
The men who stare at goats 26-8-2011: Weird but good.
Youth in revolt 26-8-2011: nice…
Friends with benefits 26-8-2011
V for Vendetta (Not the first time) 27-8-2011: Great movie
The hudsucker proxy (1994) 27-8-2011
The Nanny Diaries 28-8-2011
Man of the year 29-8-2011: Great unnexpected movie!
September (7)
Captain America 3-9-2011
Thor 3-9-2011
Transformers III 4-9-2011
Bad teacher 4-9-2011
Trascendent man 22-9-2011: Really interesting documentary about the future…
Flypaper 24-9-2011
Timer 25-9-2011
October (4)
When Harry met Sally (seen many times) 1-10-2011: One of my favourites…
You will mee a tall dark stranger 2-10-2011: Good job Woody…
Ferris Bueller’s day off 2-10-2011: Good oldie…
Colombiana 30-10-2011
November (7)
Leon, the professional 1-11-2011
Sherlock Holmes (not the first time) 2-11-2011
Drive 5-11-2011: I don’t think it’s as good as they said…
Gandhi 8-11-2011
Melancholia 10-11-2011
Midnight in Paris 20-11-2011: I loved it!
Gattaca (not the first time) 26-11-2011: AMAZING, one of my favourites…
December (11)
In Time 2-12-2011
Donnie Darko 4-12-2011: Weird but intriguing…
K-Pax (not the first time) 6-12-2011
Apocalypse now (not the first time) 7-12-2011: I felt asleep again at some point…
My name is Harvey Milk 9-12-2011
Adam (2009) 11-12-2011 “Girly sweet” in a good way…
Running with scissors (2006) 12-12-2011
Carnage 16-12-2011: Funny
The curious case of benjamin Button 18-12-2011: I liked it more than I expected. Some of my friends didn’t recommended it to me…
Dirty harry 20-12-2011: Clint Eastwood was great…
Notorious (1946, Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman)30-12-2011: Ingrid Bergman…
How do I decide what movie to watch: I check out the lists at IMDB.com and the podcasts reviews from the New York Times, A.O.Scott is great!


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