I have been wanting to write a bout this for a long time. In fact, I think “FOCUS” is such an important concept in many aspects of this world that I thought it would be a good idea to set this post as the first of many more to come…

Before talking about the different situations where you could focus, let’s get something clear that you better know right away. For focusing to happen, you have to say NO to things. FOCUS IS ABOUT SAYING NO. This might sound negative or pesimist but it’s VERY IMPORTANT! For great things to happen we have to say no to the things that are not aligned enough with our goals.

Once this being said, let’s set some examples of situations where you need to FOCUS:

Focus in your life: You can do lots of things in this life, and I actually would encourage you to do them. But  the most important thing is to try doing them once at a time. Focus on one thing and enjoy it! Then the next one. Since some of the pleasure in life comes with an innitial effort (money, getting in shape, knowing things…), many people starts them to get the pleasure but they don’t focus enough so they end up not getting to the reward, and therefore, they end up not enjoying some pleasure in life because of the lack of focus.

Focus in your work: Productivity is about being focused. And I am not talking about not being distracted, we are talking about optimizing your tasks and doing one at a time. Focus in your work has a lot to do with goals. Set your goals (as few as possible) and try to accomplish them before even thinking about the secondary things. You may find useful to read something or watch some Youtube video about Kanban.

Focus on the basics of your creation: If you are an Entrepreneur or a CEO (or any kind of creator or visionary for this matter). Always keep in mind what is the most important thing people will buy your product or use your service for. BUT, always make sure you are right about what is the most important thing because, in my opinion, most companies are wrong about what is the most important thing they have to offer. Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and I think sophistication is by definition “focused”. You can’t do anything sophisticated if you don’t know what is the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE.

Focus on what you do best (if you are trying to get a job or just improving your personal brand), or try to be very good at something: It is great and very useful to be good at many things, but when you are trying to make people trust you professionally, it is very important that you tell them what is it that you do best. You can’t be very good at many things, and even if you are, it will be hard to believe by most of the people. So, if you want people to give you an opportunitty, tell them why are you are the best at something, and most importantly, PROVE IT.

Focus on what really moves you: “You have to find what you love” (Steve Jobs). I guess you will agree with me if I say that the most important thing in this life is to be happy, BUT, great happyness comes with some efforts. That is why is so important that your life is not guided by what is supposed to make you happy (money, parties, cars…) but about what REALLY moves you. Once you find what you REALLY LIKE, to matter what, FOCUS on that. You will be a better person, a better professional (maybe even make much more money as a consecuence), and be much more happy.

Focus on your dreams: Dreams need time to become a reality, and many times we don’t end up pursuing our dreams because we don’t have the time. Or at least, that’s what we think… if you don’t have dreams, LEARN, TRAVEL AND GET TO KNOW INTERESTING PEOPLE, discovering your dreams will come once you do this for a while… And once you find them, plan them for them to happen, great unplanned things will happen anyway, but for dreams to come true you have to persue them… it needs a little discipline but the rewards are what make life great.


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