Focus (2)

That is my room about a year ago (now there is no stand and the wall if ull of post-its)

I already wrote about focus and I knew I would write about it again. This time, I write about it because I think focus is a very common concept in Silicon Valley. In fact, for what I read somewhere, Mark Zuckerberg has a banner in his desktop that says “Stay Focused and Keep shipping”. Not to mention the fact I already talked about Steve jobs’ obession with Focus.

In this post though, I would like to talk about how entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are focused specially on execution, as Di-Ann Eisnor puts it,” you have to be able to show something new (and meaningful) to me everyday!”.

Execution is making things HAPPEN. And that is very easy to say but much harder to achieve. I guess that, like any learning, it takes time to really absorve it. I think I have actually been reading some interesting articles on execution for a while now, but I have the feeling that after all I have done with 1sleeve I am just starting to grasp how execution can really happen.

Maybe it’s a mix between GTD (Get things done) tools, personal organization, attitude and, most of it, focus on your short term goals. I’ve seen it and has happened to me many times. You sit and start working, after 30 minutes, you realise you have been doing anything but what your goal was. Nobody said it would be easy.

To me, the most important is set those 2-3 daily GOALS very CLEARLY and have ways to keep them in mind all the time. Maybe three little post-its with each one of them. Once again, it’s very easy to say, the hardest part, and the part I find myself and many people around me in is, maintaining that focus on those three tasks.

I think it also helps a lot the energy and motivation you can find to achieve those goals. Try to see the vision behind those three goals. I guess, it helps me to think that if that goals aren’t achieved, I’ll never be able to achieve the overall vision. i’ll never succeed.


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