Co-founder & CEO

mentor-vr is a Virtual Reality production Company part of the “Corporación Valora” group. We produce VR experiences focused on improving training, HR or many internal processes for large corporations like onboarding, off-shore visits, soft skill trainings.

I joined as CEO and founder of this new venture with the goal to launch innovative solutions for VR. I hired the initial team to start building and selling our experiences. We are working to position ourselves in this sweet moment for the industry and history of the technology.

Head of Product

Carnovo changes the way people buys a new car. We put the consumer at the center and allow him to get prices (with all included. No surprises) straight from dealerships without having to go physically and negotiate. On top of it, all communication is made anonymous for the user, even calls so she/he doesn’t have to worry about insistent salesmen.

As Head of Product, I define the Product Roadmap taking into account the different stakeholders. I define all the features working closely with the CTO and Management team and also act as scrum master to keep our team productive and focused.

Menorca Millennials
Managing Director

Menorca Millennials is an amazing 15 day experience in an island for second time entrepreneurs. Two edition have been celebrated and you can learn more at www.menorcamillennials.com. I was lucky enough to meet one of the founders, Ricard Garriga, in San Francisco and he asked me to be part of the organisation given my experience with startups and marketing. After the first edition I even moved to Menorca and lived there for 2 years.
The value proposition of MM is to bring together amazing Experience Makers (Martin Varsavsky, Manel Adell, John Keagy, DiAnn Eisnor, Paul Ford, and many more as amazing) with investors and entrepreneurs . The entrepreneurs have proved themselves in previous experiences and have much higher possibilities to become successful with their current ventures. So far (march2017), the alumni has raised €27M in combined funding. Check out the summary videos for the first and second editions.

Pick d Pack
Chief Marketing Technologist

In May 2014, we launched the first Cash & Carry of its kind in the country. Pick D Pack is a >700m² store focused on food packaging for the medium and small food businesses.

My job involved Marketing, innovation and ecommerce strategy.

Also, I led the design of, probably, the first ibeacon installation in the country for a Cash&Carry. Check out the interview the catalan TV made us.

Product Manager

I did two main tasks as a Product Manager:

Define the online platform of local technicians and the user experience for the “fix my phone – right now – right here” platform.

Connect the product experience to a communication strategy and build brand awareness to be recognized as the best solution to fix your most valued gadget with a seamless experience.

Startup Embassy
Co-Founder & General Ambassador

Startup Embassy is a house in the heart of Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) that brings together entrepreneurs the best possible way. In a short period of time, it has become a hub in the Valley where entrepreneurs, investors, designers, adventurers… meet and share life experiences to keep growing.

To me, co-founding this project with Carlos was a life-changing experience. Check out the video I did to explain what SE is and the video Tendencias TV did about us.

Founder and Chief Eternal Optimist

Founding 1sleeve was a professional experience like no other. It changed my attitude towards life in general making me specially proactive, optimist, goal oriented and solution focused.

Technically, I failed in making the company a success, but along the way I succeded in learning lessons related to partnerships, software design and development, finding talent, international law and most important: perseverance.

My main focus was on product design and marketing.

Check out the video we did as product presentation. (Amazing video production by Marta Navalón).

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