English connects me to the world

From now on, I’m going to be writing some articles in english too. The reason is simple. I’m happy to hear my friends or people who speak catalan telling me something about one of my posts, but I want to reach a wider audience.
I’m sure that the fact I write in English doesn’t mean English speakers will read me. I’m also sure that I’ll be making some mistakes in my written English, but I’m sure that most of my posts in English will be written good enough to be understood, and if I’m wrong, I apologise in advance.
Another reason to do this, is because I no longer understand myself only as a Catalan or Spanish citizen, I’m also a world citizen, at least for the occidental side.
I’m always (in any way) looking for things that bring people toghether instead of things that take them apart, and english is one of them.
I’m sure that in a not too distant future, societies are going to be mixed up virtually, soon, somebody is going to start up a company with people around the globe because they have been talking long enough about a thing they care via Internet. And this without even being met physically. And all this will be possible if all of us have at least one language in common.
Once again, I apologise for my laguage mistakes in this posts and the ones to come.

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