A movie made with a phone: When brands don’t know how to make people love them

I just watched a short movie made with a phone, a Nokia N8. It’s not a bad movie, but I solely watched it because I was curious about how good the N8 camera can be. The problem there is that it felt to me that it was just copying the idea of making a movie with a phone from the guys who did that with the iPhone4, in this case though, paid by Nokia…
It’s not a bad idea to film a movie with a phone to show how good is its camera, what should make the people from Nokia have some thoughts is why they have to pay some well-known actors and actresses (Pamela Anderson, Dev patel, Charles Dance…) and create some action wannabe script when Apple didn’t even asked asked for it. Moreover, if anything has already been done, I would expect a little more from a large company like Nokia. Something more original?
The thing is, companies don’t set the bar high enough for themselves and end up doing mediocre products. As a result, it’s common that people doesn’t really love your products (and brand) either…

Apple of My Eye from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

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