A day in San Francisco, a night at the museum

Today I went to San Francisco. It’s been a month (with one exception one night I went to have dinner) since my last time I was there, when IMAGINE ended.

I was so happy when I got there because it was sunny! :-)

After a meeting, I went to the museum and the science lesson started! It was around 7, which is already night in american terms…

Even if it looks like daylight, it’s not. It is the light from the artificial forest.

Looks like the scientist work more hours than a startup…

And these are the drinks! :-D

There’s this cool terrace on the top of the building.

Have you ever been to a Club like this?

Funny to see a museum full f empty alcohol glasses…

This is the room with the dj. One of the two.

I have actually seen this in other clubs… (but with a drink in their hands) ;-)

Elies and Siegfried lost in the jungle of the night…

Oh, and we met with a huge group of catalan people! Catalans are everywhere! ;-)

Oh, and as you leave the museum you bump into the Young museum. beautiful…

Nice night! Thanks Elies for telling me about it!


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