3D printing will change the world (if it hasn’t already)

Since I came to Silicon Valley last july (2012), one of the things that got me more excited about the future is 3D printing. I was lucky enough to visit the IDEO workshops in Palo Alto last year (2011) with the Yuzz group but I can definitely feel a major acceleration in the importance of 3D printing over the last year.
I was also lucky enough this year to meet people form the Singularity university Community and was able to see various 3D printers in a various range of models, from very expensive to really affordable ones. Also at Startup Embassy, I met some 3D designer that told me a lot about what’s going on in this area and how it is becoming an industry.
Not only 3D printing is clearly becoming a more and more popular technology, but it is even becoming mainstream with webpages like Shapeways or products like the Makerbot.

I found this very interesting video that shows a good amount of possibilities that 3D printing will bring into the world.


Last week, I also backed the project for a 3D printing pen. It’s not exactly a pen that can 3Dprint but I love the idea of a pen that allows you to do 3D sketches of stuff. Here is the Kickstarter video.

Find out more about the 3Doodler here

Printing a gun

New technologies usually come at some risk and 3D printing is no different. We should be aware of it and try to do our best to use this new technology in the coming future. We are going to face a reality were every individual in the world can have access to amazing powers, we are going to discover in this period if this is going to take us to a conscious society of grown ups or to complete chaos.
The name of the organization is Defense Distributed

Also, thanks to my friend Benoit and other friends at Startup Embassy, I discovered some pretty interesting articles and links that I would like to share with you.